Sunday, 1 August 2021

The ships, continued

One of the defining images of the Gustavian war of 1788 is the galley.  Both sides used these Mediterranean  style warships in the treacherous waters of the Skerries.  Here among those the shoals and islands the galleys were perfectly suited to navigate where the larger ships of the lines and frigates could not go.  The great naval architect FH Af Chapman constructed an entire Skerry fleet for the Swedish King, using many novel designs.

The first galley to join the Swedish fleet here is this resin model from Old Glory.  Others will now be scratch built.  

The naval battle of Svensksund was fought mainly by the coastal fleets.  It was the largest naval battle to be fought in the Baltic.  These short videos give a flavour of the campaign - from the lovely Finnish maritime museum.

The next task is looking at castles ...

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  1. An interesting post. The Old Glory galley is most effective and I look forward to seeing your scratchbuilt ones too. I often wondered how galleys were tenable in the more extreme seas outwith the Mediterranean. I have obviously underrated them.
    The videos are well made and a great way into this period. Btw does Tradition make a figure of the King in 54mm ? Worth a check.