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Saturday 4 November 2023

Winter quarters - and a move


The last year has been rather taken up with work and a house move.  The seat of Mars has moved from the lovely east coast to the beloved town of Hay on Wye, the town of books, in Wales.  FLW will be setting up its rural HQ here, in an old cider house and a small, enclosed garden. 

Garden Kriegspiel is entering the last - and long process - of proofing.  Adam, the illustrator is working on a front cover that will reflect FLW - and then it is some final snaps and type setting.  

The wargames cellar has also been set up for a little campaign - one last play test.

And then it will hopefully be time to get back to the Vauban and Shandy era, and to go Dutch!

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Garden Kriegspiel - update

 The Spring has arrived, and  Garden Kriegspiel is nearing completion.  This will be the updated version of Little Campaigns, and will bring HG's Kriegspiel annotations to life.  It is time for more photographs in the garden.

As this is a Wellsian Kriegspiel (using HG's spelling, lest the purists and linguists complain) it will feature Army Black as the main illustrations. But there will be a return to the Army Red of 1900 - 1913 - on campaign on the Veldt.

Elastolin Castles will feature, and the book will open with a night at the Opera - Wagner. of course ...

More to follow!

Wednesday 15 February 2023

FLW welcomes Tradition - and a new toy soldier

 I was delighted to welcome Erik, of Tradition Toy Soldiers, Stockholm to FLW HQ on Sunday afternoon.

Erik brought over the new figure of Gustavus Adolphus, and two other new figures in the range. 



It is a joy to have a 'buffcoated' 'Lion of the North' and this is a truly beautiful toy soldier.  When Little Campaigns is completed, it will be time to return to the Thirty Years War/ECW/Lace Wars.  

Congrtulations to Erik and Tradition on these splendid new figures!

Monday 26 December 2022

A very happy Christmas from FLW


Tuesday 30 August 2022


The summer is already waning here at FLW HQ.  It will soon be time for winter quarters again.

The majority of this season has been spent over here: 


with the publication of FLW and the work on Volume 2 and the 'Big War' edition (Volume 3).  

It has been very encouraging that FLW is on sale at Tradition, Stockholm and the Armoury of St James's in London.

This blog is mainly concerned with the horse and musket era - and the Baltic - so it was very good to be involved (from a safe distance) with the latest game in the Herring War;


A very large model ocean liner has also appeared in these parts - more to follow ...

Sunday 22 May 2022

The garden Kriegspeil commences

With thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the new edition of FLW - and the creation of Volume 2 begins, with a complete rewrite and an explortaion of HG's thoughts on Kriegspeil ...

Garden Campaigns 

With the Kriegspeil suggestions 

of Mr HG Wells


Please note - I am using HG's spelling of Kriegspiel, from the original 1913 edition of Little Wars

Sunday 1 May 2022

The night attack continued

 The two Norwegian TB's were illuminated by searchlights and starshells - but pressed home their attack.

The torpedo net stopped two hits, but two hits were scored on the bow - with one detonantion.

The TB's received one hit, but managed to escape into the murky night...

It was a good test of the night fighting rules, and after some tweaking they can be tested again.

The Herring War continues ...