Friday, 1 July 2016

The advance

The Jacobite cavalry swiftly counter attacked and overran the redoubt - as the Williamite line moved forward and into contact.

The firefights were sharp, and deadly, and a second Jacobite cannon was destroyed.

On the right flank the waiting French regulars fired into the advancing Allied infantry.

The advancing General Williamite general staff prepared to cross the river, with a further regiment in support...

With the firefights proving to be very deadly, both sides decided that the game had reached its conclusion.  The Jacobites and French would retire with a large part of their army intact and march to Limerick.  The Williamite forces - with a 3 : 1 artillery advantage would have crossed the river, but the cost would have been prohibitive.  They were therefore content to follow up the Jacobites and await the inevitable siege.

An excellent little game - perfectly balanced - and with everything still to play for in the campaign.

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  1. Nice toy soldiers, those giant cannon balls look a bit scary though!