Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Zig-Zagging forward!

The opening of the bombardment covers the sappers and infantry as they 'sap' forward towards the Glacis...

The trenches are simulated by high quality 'museum' style trench pieces - which have been oddly mistaken as bits of wicker plant basket coated in creosote (to keep the water off in outdoor games). 

The saps move closer to the Glacis and the sappers, pioneers and infantry begin to feel the weight of the defenders fire...

The saps move through the old brickworks, and underground the mining company are also approaching the Glacis.  Excitement is building...

Please note: the 'V&S' game has adhered to the absolute style of Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim who set the 'bench mark' in preparing terrain, and one therefore has to observe great caution when urinating out of the sash windows at Shandy Towers.


  1. Moving forward splendidly I say...
    The elastolin mortar really looks the part .

  2. Terrain looks great, and warning heeded (I will check to see if the weights are still in situ before performing natures call).

  3. Careful there ! - no accidental circumcisions ! ( al a Tristram ) . Tony

  4. Good stuff - what is being used to adjudicate fire?

  5. Exciting! The tension is building.