Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Zig-Zaggery of a Siege - Part 3

As the battle stage ended, it was time for the players* to begin a 'Siege stage' - which in effect is played on the map and simulates sapping/mining/digging/repairing and all the other aspects of siege.
It is nothing short of the 'Triumph of the Method' of Monsieur Vauban; and we bow at the mention of the very name!

The attacking 'Red' player sited his batteries and opened the 'saps' towards the glacis. He also began two mine tunnels.  The 'Blue' player used this phase to redeploy some of his Infantry, conduct repairs and begin a counter mine towards the 'Red' line of Circumvallation.   

The time for Zig-Zaggery and sapping had begun, and so the players returned to the normal battle moves.  And 'Red' began a grand cannonade of the Glacis, the city; taking care not to damage the priceless painting of Sophie, Princess of Hannover....it is a civilised age, after all.....

*It is time now to introduce the players as none other than Monsieur B, the founder and leader of the Frederickians and Monsieur T, a well known devotee of the wargame in the proper scale.  Both are true Wellsian's.


  1. Delighted to see this - very curious as to the rules. A workable siege battle game, now there is a rare beast indeed.

  2. And hopefully a very Shandean game will be the result....with thanks and Compliments V&S