Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Zig-Zaggery of a Siege - Finale

With the saps and mines moving forward, the game became very intriguing indeed...and then 'Blue' launched a 'Forlorn Hope' against forward trench in front of the St Nicholas Bastion -  with a Company of Fusiliers in support.

The 'Forlorn Hope' crashed into the 'Red' trench - and mayhem ensued! 

And just as 'Blue' occupied the trench, the game 'erupted' into life with the explosion of the Mines.
The large 'party popper' bangs left a breach near the St Nicholas Bastion - which allowed the 'Red Dragoons' and the 'Red Forlorn Hope' to charge through.

The simultaneous assault on the right flank went in - more to test the rules - and 'Blue' created mayhem in the 'Red' ranks...

but 'Red' crashed through into another breach - thus concluding the game.  'Blue' could have retired into the Citadel, but instead they 'beat the Chamade' and claimed the Honours of War.

An excellent game in the best company - with rules analysis to follow.


  1. The forlorn hope are splendid fellows indeed especially the one with the grenade.
    I look forward to hearing more of your rules later .

    1. Much more to follow, including some Siege 'specials',

      with thanks and Compliments V&S

  2. Replies
    1. With thanks and Compliments V&S - proving we hope that sieges in the style of Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim are great fun

  3. That grenadier should never have made it through the main gate wearing that tall hat!

    But of course in true 18th Century fashion the generals dined together afterwards. A thoroughly civilised afternoon of gaming. But not a period I will ever indulge in. Probably....

  4. And would you be wearing a Mitre cap, or a Tricorn hat as you are writing these notes....we look forward to seeing your Lace War army soon! With thanks and compliments V&S