Saturday, 14 February 2015

Back - and Campaigning in the Winter!

After a year of tumults, Captain Shandy is pleased to inform your worships...
that he is back!  And 'campaigning in the Winter' is about to begin, with much ‘zig-zaggery’ indeed:

 "In the year one thousand seven hundred and eighteen, when this happened, it was extremely difficult; so that when my uncle Toby discovered the transverse zig-zaggery of my father’s approaches towards it, it instantly brought into his mind those he had done duty in, before the gate of St. Nicolas;—the idea of which drew off his attention so intirely from the subject in debate, that he had got his right hand to the bell to ring up Trim to go and fetch his map of Namur, and his compasses and sector along with it, to measure the returning angles of the traverses of that attack…”



  1. We await with baited breath and enthusiasm...

    Duke of Tradgardland

  2. Welcome back.Looking forward to seeing the campaign unfold this year.