Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Winter Quarters - play test - 'alarms and skirmishes'

Whilst the siege train makes its way downstream...a 'Pragmatic' Army Red Electorate took to the road for a return action with the Frederickians.

And a very splendid action it proved to be.  The Pragmatic Army was tasked with retiring into a village, and holding off the Frederickian attack.

BC had laid out a wonderful terrain, and the game proved to be shockingly brutal.  The Frederickian advancing to the attack en masse.

The impetus was blunted by enfilade cannon fire, and the first cavalry charge was repulsed.  As the infantry charged home the weight of fire told.

And a 'Pragmatic' cavalry charge destroyed the reversed left flank.  The Frederickians were more successful on the 'Pragmatic' right wing - destroying the line regiment completely in the melee.  But they remained the sole regiment standing, and began a fighting withdrawal to their baseline.  By this stage Frederick had quitted the field with his guns.

An excellent game, fast moving with approx 180 figures in play.  And  a splendid Beef Bourguignon and Czech red wine to complete the evening.

 And lots to mull over and think about before Round 3.


  1. an utterly splendid little game indeed.Compliments to the scenery creator as well as to the chef who produced an excellent post game repast!

  2. Beautifully orchestrated and H.G. would approve!

  3. Love your blog! But your armies seem to have been in winter quarters longer than those of Sir William Howe. Just saying...

  4. Thank you - it has been a very, very long time sapping and mining....