Saturday, 27 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

Dragoons in action
Move 3. The Duke is restored - with the help of the cork from the Madeira - and thus can survey the deployments.

The 3rd and 4th Foot continue to advance - the Dragoons covering the flank.

The Blankshire Bays are now in support - but Brigadier Overly-Random decides not to commit the Gaaards and Barrells Blues until the enemy flank is turned??

Across the way - M Le Comte must decide whether to use the Bavarian Horse to attack the enemy right - or shorten his line....the order is sent!


Red Electorate - destroy the White cannon
Mortars - close, but not close enough

If that's a straight line, then I am a cows arse!

White Lily - a devastating shot through the 3rd Foot - hitting the Colour.  The Artois Dragoons fire and inflict further damage on the Regiment.  But it holds on.


  1. Pray tell us more of the conversions which make up the glorious mounted dragoons.
    Thanks for the cannon information.

    1. The cavalry are trusty Britains Herald Life Guards! With TVAG heads from Chris Feree

  2. Having just caught up with this latest episode, I must say the photos are exceptional, the terrain exquisite and the conversions inspiring. You have indeed been busy! And now from far away I hear the shout of my own half finished Frederickians calling for the big paint pots to be brought up.

    Best wishes, Brian

    1. Would love to see the Frederickians - and would be an excellent game for us!

      Best wishes