Saturday, 27 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

Move 4.  The left flank of Red Electorate becomes the focus of the battle.  The Bavarian Horse charge the 4th Foot and Dragoons - they are unlucky as both the commanding officer and colour bearer are brought down by the volley from their front.  In the melee that follows they have no chance.  

The Languedoc Regiment advances to shore up the collapsing flank - whilst M.Le Comte makes a strategic stroll to the centre of his line.

 Barrells-Blues cross the hedge line to support the attack on the left.

The 3rd Foot receive yet more damage from the cannon and Dragoons - the colour bearer is shot down for a second time.  Their morale is holding - but only just.  They return fire through the smoke - and scatter the Artois Dragoon's horses - that are too close.

The Red-Electorate Cannon scores a hit in the centre of the Languedoc regiment - causing grave damage.

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  1. Good idea for the Bavarian horse.Battle continues to be an exciting affair...