Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

Make ready

 His Grace the Duke of Blankshire and Parson Yorick retire to the Inn, Le Coq D'Or, to observer the White-Lily deployment.

Brigadier Overly-Random orders his two cannon to be pushed forward - and moves two of his Infantry regiments to the right flank.  The Dragoons move forward to cover the Mortars.

The remaining Infantry and Gaaards move towards the wood - and the Hanoverian horse Grenadiers move one Sqn through the copse.

The baggage train is guarded by the Blankshire Bays

On the other side...

The Wild Geese and Picardie Dragoons move into the Abbey Grounds and cemetery - and the regiment Languedoc moves forward to the hedge.  On the left - the Bavarian Cuirassiers turn about - and the Artois Dragoons move forward...gingerly - towards the Dragoons.

M.Le Comte remains by the copse - to observe.

Firing is about to begin...


  1. We are on tenterhooks. Our breath is bated...

  2. Splendid set up with an almost infinity of space it would appear. We await the firing with baited breath...