Sunday, 28 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

Move 5.  The Red-Electorate Foot and Dragoons stand firm for one move after winning their melee.  The 3rd Foot fire on the Languedoc Regiment - and the Foot Gaard advance to their front.

The Duke moves form 'Le Coq D'Or' to the centre of the battlefield, and the Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers form on the left.

White-Lily - the Picardie Dragoons mount and move to reinforce the left. The Artois Dragons fall back to protect the line.  

Firing and Morale

Red - the Mortar scores a hit on the tenth attempt - right in the middle of Dillon's Regt - taking out the Colonel/Colour/Musician and 4 soldiers.  A deadly blow.
The cannon scores a direct hit on the Languedoc Regiment - causing more mayhem.  The Regiment also receives rifle fire and is pushed back - as morale is tested.

The Artois Dragoons are decimated and fall back.  Things are looking very bad on the Left.

White-Lily.  The cannon strikes Barrells-Blues again - and the Regiment Languedoc fire by divisions to their front and left.  The Red 3rd Foot fail a morale test and fall back - but are not routed.  

Units will attempt to rally at the beginning of Move 6.


  1. Remind me what are the unit sizes?

  2. Infantry - 16/24
    Cavalry/Dragoons - 8/12

    There are independent Sqns of cav; approx 4/5

    Cannons - individuals or batteries of 2

    Staff 2/3/4/5 figs depending on seniority