Saturday, 27 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

Move 2.

With the Duke 'hors de combat' the Army Red-Electorate continued its evolutions.  The 3rd & 4th of Foot advancing on the right flank - with a Sqn of Dragoons.

The Blankshire Bays also formed column and began a move behind the battle line to the right flank.

The Gaards and Barrells Blues standing firm.

Over the fields, the Wild Geese moved into Leffe Abbey and the graveyard.  The rest of the line standing firm.


Game Note:  Conducted using two methods - firstly the usual matchstick.  Secondly using wetted tissue cannonballs fired from Elastolin cannons.  The cannonball's giving a much more interesting result.  When outdoors, the party- popper and wooden cannon ball will again be used.

Effect.  Very near misses for Red.  White scoring a direct hit on Barrells Blues.

No chance cards or morales tests.

Red-Electorate is approaching 10% casualties.  However White-Lily is looking very weak on the left.


  1. The excitement mounts ,not to mention my desire to bring forth the Elastolin mortar residing on the landing upstairs.
    The larger cannon is unknown to me please tell us more regarding it.
    The hessian cloth is an interesting terrain.
    All in all charming.

  2. The cannon is from the Elastolin Lansknecht range as well - it still fires beautifully despite being a present from 34 years ago!!