Friday, 26 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

A shocking cannonade - proving just how deadly the indoor winter game can be!

The Red-Electorate mortars firing short and over...

and the White-Lily Royal Artillery firing with great effect.

A hit against a cannon - which has to be a knock out blow.  The roll from the heavy gun also taking three of the 3rd of Foot in the Flank.

And a change of underwear for Overly-Random - as he and Captain Tobias Shandy are narrowly missed - but the Colonel of Barrell's Blues is less lucky, and Bonzo as well.

No morale tests - but the chance cards deal a blow to His Grace the Duke of Blankshire - his Haemorrhoids bursting under the pressure - the Leeches and Madeira are summoned by Parson Yorick.  No change in orders for Red-Electorate for one move.

Move 2 to follow.


  1. This is too shocking! I need a restorative...

  2. Dramatic events upon the Field of Mars my good sir!A testing time for the bloodbacks indeed.Alas poor Bonzo Pason Yorick knew well I believe.
    Are we to be privy to the innards of the rules as they occur?