Sunday, 28 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test - Q&A 1

Dearly beloved Brethren, 

if I can distract you for one moment from your volume of Horace Walpole's Letters, and ask you to put your pipe down and consider this question; in order to gain some immediate feedback for the 'Vauban, Shandy and Frederick Garden Rules'...

In the Horse and Musket era would it be a reasonable result that a Heavy Cavalry type  regiment would lose if charging a formed Regular Infantry Regiment in line - with a Sqn of Dragoons on the flank in support?  

With thanks.

Please note - the Infantry stood firm and fired - taking out the Commander and Colour - which are significant as a trooper = 1, Sgt/Musician = 2, Officer/Colour =3, Commander = 4.  Therefore the regiment lost 7 pts out of a total possible 16.  Even with their double points for charging home + heavy cav bonus - they could not match the 32 + points against them.


  1. Reasonable,possibly the most likely result if the inf didn't form square.

  2. Hello, yes, it would.
    The greatest example would be when during the battle of Minden (1759) when six British and two Hannovarian battalions drove off repeated cavalry charges with musket fire and inflicted serious casualties on the French cavalry.


  3. thank you - cavalry versus infantry is going to be the tricky one to work out; especially if cavalry fire whilst charging?

  4. I've always thought that the key point was the steadiness of the infantry. The cavalry fire isn't going to be enough to smash a hole in the formation, but it make shake their morale enough to let the horsemen get in amongst them.