Monday, 29 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test - and Finale

Move 6.  Red-Electorate continue their advance and are preparing to charge home.  The Gaards finally open fire, and the Mortars come good at last.  The 3rd Foot rally and advance.

M. Le Comte decides to save his cannon and rally all his army around the Abbey - the Languedoc Regiment indeed rallies, but then disaster strikes!


The Mortars score two direct hits on the rallying Languedoc's and Picardie Dragoons - causing enormous damage.  The Gaards inflict enough damage on the Regiment Berwick to force them out of the Cemetery.  White-Lily inflicts some more casualties on Barrells-Blues.


Move 7.  Red Electorate gain the advantage and charge - the Blankshire Bays charging the Picardie Dragoons, and the Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers charge across the battlefield to attack the Languedoc Regiment and cannon.  M.Le Comte has already begun to extricate the Irish Brigade and they retire from Leffe Abbey facing their flank.

The Blankshire's receive only two hits - and therefore charge home and break the hopelessly outnumbered Dragoons - who are also in a single line.  The Blankshire's claim impetus and charge into the still moving cannon.  At the same moment the Hanoverian's crash into the Languedoc Regiment and utterly destroy it.  The remnant of the Artois Dragoons surrender (2 figures).


White-Lily fires what it has into the charging cavalry - but it is not enough.  

Move 8

M.Le Comte and his Staff leave the field - with the two Irish Regiments in good order.  It is a defeat, and Leffe Abbey was not held for ten moves - but he has saved a good portion of his Infantry.

His Grace the Duke of Blankshire reviews his victory.  Four colours  - Languedoc/Artois/Picardie/Bavaria - and a cannon captured.

It is time for Parson Yorick to sing the solemn Te Deum...

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  1. A splendid game sir.Described well in words and illustrated skillfully by the Court painter.
    I look forward to reading your thoughts upon the playtest and can't wait for the next.