Saturday, 4 August 2012

Museum of Plan Reliefs - Lille

The extraordinary atmosphere of this place is to take the viewer back to the time of the great Vauban - and to stand in awe at the engineer, and the model makers.

"The more my uncle Toby drank of this
sweet fountain of science, the greater
was the heat and impatience of his thirst,
so that, before the first year of his con-
finement had well gone round, there was
scarce a fortified town in Italy or Flanders,
of which, by one means or other, he had
not procured a plan, reading over as he
got them, and carefully collating there-
with the histories of their sieges, their de-
molitions, their improvements and new
works, all which he would read with that
intense application and delight, that he
would forget himself, his wound, his
confinement, his dinner.

  In the second year my uncle Toby pur-
chased Ramelli and Cataneo, translated

[ 21 ]

A view of Namur
from the Italian ; ---- likewise Stevinus,
Marolis, the Chevalier de VilleLorini,
CoehornSheeter, the Count de Pagan,
the Marshal Vauban, Mons. Blondel, with
almost as many more books of military
architecture, as Don Quixote was found
to have of chivalry, when the curate and
barber invaded his library. "

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  1. This is a great model and fine pictures of it - very impressing.
    It gives inspiration to take pictures of the own figures in such a light!