Friday, 10 February 2012

Lace Wars - in a 54 mm manner

William and Mary
When recreating the Campaigns of Uncle Toby there is a problem with figure availability in 54 mm.  

The 'Tradition' Marlburian figures here are pretty much spot on...

The delightful world of Funcken - a pleasure for nearly five decades
but building armies for the garden with this type of figure would prove to be ruinously expensive...

So the solution has been to use plastic figures from the general 'horse and musket' era.  As the spirit of the 'Shandean' game is one of pastoral pleasures - where old boots filled with pipe smoke can become cannons - then this seems to be perfectly in keeping.  

With thanks to Gary at the Guards Museum

'I wish', quoth my Uncle Toby, 'you had seen what prodigious armies we had in Flanders'


  1. Splendid fellows and buildings.Do tell us a little more regarding the provenence of them...
    best wishes
    Duke of Tradgardland

  2. Many thanks indeed - and Tradition 'Duke of Marlborough's' Infantry with Barzso and scratch built buildings

    1. Sir
      The houses have an almost "Elastolin" look to them -if Elastolin were English if you know what I mean...
      Certainly they remind me of the look of my much missed castle.
      Did you make them yourself ? If so can I crave further details on behalf of my Master the Duke?
      your humble servant
      Joachim von Umstrittental
      Architect to the Duke of Tradgardland

  3. Nisi Dominus - and my respects to your Honours and Worships &c

    The central house is a Barzso creation - and the other houses are built from Cuban Cigar boxes, with 'dolls house' paper - actually wall papered on, and then a thick card Flemish gable and plasticard roof. I will feature them more in the coming weeks

    As ever

  4. Of course one would have to empty the boxes first...

  5. Yes, no doubt obtaining correct 1700 period figures would problematic in 54mm scale, quite expensive even if you can find them. Have you considered Peipp's excellent "45mm" range ?

    I can assure you, they're closer to 54mm in size and priced reasonably for what you get. The generals & other command figures might work out for you, even if building entire formations would be costly. Tehnolog's GNW plastic Russians would be another option.


  6. Many thanks - they sound perfect - although the temptation of a new scale may be a little too much...