Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lace Wars - in a 54 mm manner - Mitres

'I beseech thee, Eugenius, quoth Yorick, taking off his night-cap as well as he could with his left hand,—his right being still grasped close in that of Eugenius,—I beseech thee to take a view of my head.—I see nothing that ails it, replied Eugenius. Then, alas! my friend, said Yorick, let me tell you, that ’tis so bruised and mis-shapened with the blows which. . .and. . ., and some others have so unhandsomely given me in the dark, that I might say with Sancho Panca, that should I recover, and ’Mitres thereupon be suffered to rain down from heaven as thick as hail, not one of them would fit it.’

In the Shandean Garden Wargame the English regiments of Foot (with one exception) wear the Mitre Cap*.

This gives them a truly 'British' feel, and here are some of the varieties of figures that make up the two Brigades of Infantry.  

The one regimental exception is the Huguenot volunteer regiment of Foot - those stalwarts of Francois du Cambon - who would be killed at Landen. 

Courtesy of the Guards Museum

C H A P. IV.

WAS it Makay's regiment, quoth
my uncle Toby, where the poor
grenadier was so unmercifully whipp'd at
Bruges about the ducats. -- O Christ ! he
was innocent ! cried Trim with a deep
sigh. ---- And he was whipp'd, may it
please your honour, almost to death's

 -- They had better have shot him
outright, as he begg'd, and he had gone
directly to heaven, for he was as innocent
as your honour.

*please note: the author (like the good Parson Yorick) will not be over-much troubled in this manner


  1. I presume this a decision made based on the available figures?

  2. " A stirring choice of headgear, most appropriate and civil..."
    from "An Exercise of Arms in Arcardia" by
    Ezekial Tollmarsch