Sunday, 28 April 2019

Sound Saturday morning

Image result for garrison church potsdam

Image result for garrison church potsdam

An excellent start to Saturday with an Easter Cantata, by JS Bach, and Tasker Jnr. drawing the facings of Grenadier Regiment No2.

The originals came from the happy days, alas that 'land of lost content', when Tradition was in Mayfair and I was in the shop on the day when they were selling some of the originals from the magazine.

Original by Tasker Wright
It could almost be Potsdam.....

Sunday, 17 March 2019

A true account of the battle of Sittingbad

Elastolin Castles and toy soldiers.  Bliss.
Readers may have come across a fictitious  account of a recent splendid little 'Lace' War ....and a homage to that great book 'Charge', and Brigadier Young and Colonel Lawford;


The photos below tell the true tale.....

Stadt Sittingbad
The Elector's Grenadiers storm the redoubt

God being on side of those who shoot straight, as the clever Frenchman says

A gloomy Emperor viewing the rout of his army -- again!

The Sittingbad battle was huge fun, with the Elector enjoy dinner at the Emperor's table.  But as we all know, the Emperor is better at dining, than fighting.....

Friday, 23 November 2018

The King's Chapel of the Strand Militia

The insatiable demand for manpower in the New World has called for all Britons, strong and true, to rouse to the call to arms and face the deadly Rebels in the Colonies.

The cry of 'George Rex' has  even reached the sleepy backwater of the King's Chapel of the Strand...and the Strand Fencibles; the King's Last Resort!

The 'New World' is summoning the 'Backstairs Boys'.....over the hills and far away; to the rescue of Gentleman Johnny...

Who is not lost in the wilderness...

Victory or death!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Winter Quarters

The winter continues - with a truly remarkable March.  And minds turn to the Spring and the new Campaigning season that will be in the woods and forests of the American Colonies...

but for now, the winter draws on, under the canvas on His Majesty's Bomb Vessel, the Infamy - ice bound in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

The  Infamy will join a planned amphibious expedition to reduce a Rebel held coastal fortress.

Painting found on a blog - artist name unknown - a scene from the Great Lakes in 1812, I think.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Trenton, 1776

The Rebel attacked opened on two fronts, and the Hessians held the town for the three moves before beginning their fighting retreat...

The town fell to General Washington, and the Hessians managed to extract their baggage from the field-  so very much honours even for both sides.  

A very pleasant after dinner 'Revolutionary' Little War - with a very good 20 year old Madeira to round off the evening in style.

And three cheers for the King and Elector!!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Trenton, 1776

The post Christmas indoor game pitted Junior as the brave Hessians (having their Christmas winter quarters ruined) against the rebellious subjects of King George - commanded by Junior's chum - and ardent supporter of the 'Rights of Man' - TS.

The Rebels approach....
The Rebel forces were given two free turns of fire and movement - to give that element of surprise.  The Hessians, billeted across the town were activated on a descending D6 roll.  So on Hessian Turn 1 - a 6 was needed to awake a Company, on Turn 2  - a 5/6 &c &c....

A Hessian Company forms and fires....

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Captain Shandy returns

And he is delighted to be back - and in the New World of the restless Colonies....what, what...

And all is quiet on St Stephen's Day, Trenton , New Jersey 1776....