Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Captain Shandy returns, again.

Ireland 1689.  As the Kingdom collapses, Captain Shandy returns to the fray.  This time the Battle of the Bog; with King William's army (and Captain Shandy) engaging with the rearguard of a Jacobite Irish and French force on the road to Limerick.   The Jacobite forces being commanded by the Scottish expatriate Le Duc de Pomme Frit.

The battlefield was cut in two by the river - with a bog slowing down the approach to the river.

As dawn broke, cavalry skirmishers were sent forward...and Dragoons dismounted.


  1. An interesting scenario to be sure!

  2. Excellent. You mentioned a new cannon mechanism? Good to see the summer campaigning season is moving forward.

  3. Welcome back to the field....looking forward to seeing the battle unfold.

  4. Great to have you with us once more Captain Shandy.I await your adventures with interest.
    Duc de Tradgardland