Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter Quarters - play test - The defence of Duvel

The play testing continues with a visit from BC and his Frederickian army of Observation...who are to defend the village of Duvel.   The emboldened M. Le Comte du Pave du Nord continues to retire on the city of Westmalle-Trappist and must pass along the road.


Sited on the main road to Westmalle - from Leffe. The road runs east-west - and is bounded by hedges.  Fields and walls lie to the east of the church, and there is a slight rise to the north west.

BC deployed his splendid Army of Observation and prepared for the Franco-Irish onslaught.  

The game had an excellent flow - with early accurate firing from the Army of Observation, resulting in heavy blows for the Wild Geese. Army White-Lily pressed on - poorly supported by its cannons - and a cavalry charge down the road resulted in a melee win...but then the game turned as the Infantry began to wither under fire, and begin to melt away.

BC counter-attacked vigorously - and a last ditch cavalry charge was decimated by his steady infantry.  As the game closed, White-Lily lost both cannons to enemy fire - and in the infantry melee the White-Lily Dragoons were soundly beaten.

So M.Le Comte retired with the remnant of his army - having captured two colours, but having lost two colours and two cannon and the vast majority of his army.  

Totals - White-Lily:     approx 66% lost
            Observation:  approx 33% lost

And a very entertaining evening and play-test of some new rules - and a well done, you, to BC and his splendid army.


  1. Well played gentlemen! Another splendid foray into the 18th century.
    I looked at those Peipp 45mm fellows on line and they are most tempting for officers and personalities.Great mid 17th century figures too.Finally may I ask is the game played upon a vast table (what dimensions) or the floor?

  2. It is a very large and 'rudely' constructed table - approx 8 x 12

    And thank you again, as ever

  3. A jolly game, and indeed blog, quite charming. May I ask if you know who makes the Frederickian cavalry in this post. Are they Armies in Plastic, converted to one pose?
    thank you