Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winter Quarters - play test

The Abbey of Leffe - and the deployment of Army Red Electorate

Army White-Lily deploys to the rear of Leffe Abbey - and awaits the advance of Army Red-Electorate.

The Abbey of Leffe

Parson Yorick - with the Staff observing the enemy

Barrells' Blues

Dragoons and Mortars - right flank


  1. Splendid looking game .Prey tell us more of the figures...

  2. The figures are 54mm - with a motley C18th collection of plastics - old Marx/Replicants/Cavendish/Barzso/AIP/ACTA/Britains and some metal character figs from Tradition/Garibaldi/Mignot/Rose/Stadden. With a number of converts - of the toy soldier variety.

    Many thanks