Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers

As winter quarters draws to an end, a first look at the Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers.

This new addition to the Lace Wars 'Red' army are heavy cavalry - and a match for the Bavarian Curassiers who are a most worthy opponent in the forthcoming season.

"The opening a siege, and the encamping of an army round the place, to block up its avenues, and prevent all ingress and egress….It is the cavalry that always begins to invest a place".

The figures are Britain's Life Guards with a Chris Ferree/TVAG Mitre Cap head from the Funny Little Warriors range


  1. Nice figures - conversions I presume?

  2. Thank you - and yes plastic figures with metal heads.

  3. They look very effective. Would they be converted from Herald Life Guard? I was thinking of converting some of mine into English Civil War with brimmed hats. James

  4. Hi James - yes, but the ones with the fixed heads - which are not as good as the swoppet types, but they come out ok

  5. Splendid fellows Paul- an excellent unit!